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Main Benefits of using precast

  • Cast in a controlled environment, thus eliminating weather problems experienced in-situ.
  • Quality checks at random intervals help control and supervise the products efficiently.
  • Comprehensive cost is reduced substantially.
  • A standard ratio of raw materials is maintained, achieving high precision and uniformity.
  • Precast can be installed immediately and effectively without waiting for it to gain strength.
  • Modularity of pre-cast products accelerates installation.
  • Repeatability of the same products is convenient.
  • Locally sourced and environment safe.
  •  Precast products are fire-resistant, weatherproof, and resistant to mildew and rust.
  • Customization in sizes, shapes, colors, and types can be achieved as per the requirement of the user.
  • Heavy loads, stress, and point loads are catered very effectively using pre-cast concrete.
  • With appropriate and systematic logistics, transporting the elements from factory to site can be achieved easily and quickly.
  • Assembling on-site is very quick thus reducing the impact on the job site.
  • Labor required is significantly less and semi-skilled labor can also carry out the job efficiently

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    Precast concrete is multiple pieces of structural elements which are made and cast in the factory as per the specifications& drawings and bought to the site at the time of assembly. These precast elements can be footing, column, slab, wall, staircase units and many other elements. Manufacturing is done at the factory & once the quality is assured the only precaution taken is for their transportation& erection in positioning.

    We can make customized project based Industrial Shed, Commercial Building, Residential Building, Individual Villa, Compound Wall Elements & other small infrastructure products as per the market requirement.

    Our facility covers the production of Precast Footing, Precast Plinth Beam, Precast Tie Team, Pre Cast Pre-stressed beam, Precast Column, Pre-stressed Hollow Core Slab, Precast Roof I- Girder, Precast Walls, Precast Architectural Walls etc.

    Yes, precast structures are waterproof as too many brand provides comprehensive system solution for waterproofing & specific joint treatment to make precast structure leak proof.

    Yes, we do customized design of Precast buildings & elements based on the client requirements & types of structure. Based on the customized design for individual project, production of element shall be done as per the project requirement.

    Concrete is virtually fireproof due to its built-in property; it does not need any additional fire protection. Because of the slow rate of thermal conductivity or heat transfer concrete is an effective fire shield. Concrete is waterproof because of the use of membranes and special concrete mixtures. Because of this nature concrete material is ideal for building underground structures like lower levels, basements, and parking structures.