Our Precast Segment

Our Precast Segment

Evolving with the dynamic times PSP projects ltd have introduced an array of prefabricated concrete systems. Integration of smart, comprehensive, and innovative techniques, PSP Precast provides a panacea that caters to all the pre-casted elements and services –turnkey solutions, technical, design, logistics, and assembly-you name it and they have it!

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By the capabilities of our employees

The professionalism, talent and commitment of our employees has shaped our present success; their efforts will continue to play a pivotal role as we aspire for a more powerful tomorrow.

Life at PSP
Workplace health and wellness is a central part of our Company culture and strategy, which is reflected in our several employee engagement activities.
Mindful of our responsibility to create opportunities within our business for employees to thrive, we have formulated a well defined HR policy. The policy provides a framework for honing employees’ skills and capabilities as well as caring for them at a personal level. During the year, we continued to undertake robust people management practices and initiatives to strengthen an already diverse and skilled workforce and create a strong talent pipeline for the future.

Competitive Compensation
We recognize the indispensable contribution of our employees in ensuring construction excellence founded on our values of responsibility, integrity, and collaboration. It provides us an edge in the industry. Adequate compensation is, therefore, important for the hard work of employees. We compensate our workforce in line with the competitive industry standards.

Inclusive Work Environment
We endeavour to foster a transparent and collaborative work environment, wherein every individual has a right to share their ideas and opinions and showcase their talent. Our conducive atmosphere also enables employees to grow both personally and professionally and deliver best outcomes.

Employee Recognition
We have always identified the relentless efforts of our employees in driving organizational success and incentivized them for their performance. We have made employee recognition a key priority to ensure maximum employee satisfaction and sustaining robust performance.

Learning and Development
At PSP Projects, we have built a culture of continuous learning and development to enhance employee skills and capabilities. Towards this, we conduct regular training programs and sessions. Moreover, we also encourage our teams to undertake voluntary projects beyond their assigned scope of work to keep up their high spirit.

Festive Celebration
While Diwali is popularly known as the “Festival of Lights”, it is the most significant Indian festival in India. The employees at PSP light up the “PSP House” with Colors, Lights, Designs, Creativity, Happiness, Fun with Activities and Inter Department Competition organized between employees in beautiful Traditional Attires.

Felicitation cum Musical Event
Our Company felicitated the employees who had completed more than 10 years of career journey with the Company. It was followed by a folk music programme (Lok Dayro) for all its employees and their families.

Employees Cricket Tournament – 2019
Our Company organized inter-office cricket tournament under its ‘employee recreations and development program’. The tournament was between 22 teams featuring employees from various levels of work at the Company from “Assistants to Management” grades. The tournament was a platform beyond just entertainment as it helped bridge communication and interaction between employees across the various functions of the organization and in turn build team spirit and lend to growth of the organization.

Contractors Cricket League – 2020
Our Company participated in Contractors Cricket League – 2020 which was organized by Gujarat Contractors Association where total 17 contractor companies had participated, wherein PSP Projects emerged as the Champion, displaying their dedication and passion. Arranging and participating in such sporting activities has proven to build team spirit and engagement.

Women Empowerment
Our Construction project of the Foundation Building at CEPT University, Ahmedabad which is spearheaded by an all women team is an example of women empowerment in a male dominated industry. Every post, from Project Manager to Stores Manager viz. all Technical and Non-Technical Position are being held by our female employees.