Our Precast Segment

Our Precast Segment

Evolving with the dynamic times PSP projects ltd have introduced an array of prefabricated concrete systems. Integration of smart, comprehensive, and innovative techniques, PSP Precast provides a panacea that caters to all the pre-casted elements and services –turnkey solutions, technical, design, logistics, and assembly-you name it and they have it!

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Community Engagement


At PSP Projects, we feel holistic development of communities is an integral part of responsible business. We strongly believe that the cooperation and support of the communities and society in which we operate has been crucial for our tremendous growth and success.

Community and Environment Development

Rural Redevelopment Project

As part of its CSR initiative, the Company identified a small village named Ruppur in the Patan district of Gujarat and have upgraded and redeveloped its infrastructure to enhance the quality of the lives of the native people. Ruppur Village is located in Chanasma Taluka of Patan District in the state of Gujarat comprising over 500 houses and a population of nearly 2,500 people. The company have developed 1.5 Lakhs sq. ft. of area, which includes 9-Meter-wide village entry road and grey paver of M45 grade strength, along with pathways. We have designed streetlight poles, installed underground cabling for the safety of villagers, planted more than 50 tree planters and developed central chowks to create seating arrangement for local people. In addition to this, we have also redesigned outdoor seating space of each house and corner junction to avoid hindrance for passing by vehicles. The development project is being designed in such a slope that rainwater gets collected at one point from the streets and mohallas towards rainwater trench.

Environment Sustainability and Animal Welfare

Our company supports Jiydaya Charitable Trust, non-government animal welfare organization which provides medical care to stray and unowned domestic animals and runs a rehabilitation centre for birds and small mammals. We back their objective to help animals in pain and suffering and we try our best to nurture them back to a healthy and happy life. As part of our endeavor to support animal welfare, we provide financial support to the Trust and have built dog kennels in the premises of the Trust.

Further, as per of its endeavor and commitment towards environment sustainability, the company extends its support to an NGO working on implementing greening solutions to increase urban forests and mass plantations through its tree plantation initiatives.


We have been extending our support to the less privileged students, pursuing their undergraduate program in the Faculty of Technology at the ‘Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology’ (CEPT) University, Ahmedabad. In doing so, we encourage and empower the young aspiring students to pursue their career opportunities. The Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Government of India recognizes the University as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO). Apart from this, our Company also continuously supports various trusts that are dedicated to the cause of educating the under privileged.


The company have been supporting the passion and talent of Ms. Dhyana Patel, a girl child aged 13, playing chess at National as well as International Levels. Her chess journey began at the age of 6 and within a short span of time, she has become an ace chess player, having participated in 4 tournaments at the international and 10 at the national level. She has participated in 104 chess tournaments and has been awarded the prestigious ‘Centre of Excellence’ award by the Sports Authority of Gujarat and the Gujarat Chess Association. She has also won a Gold medal in the U-18 Blitz (Girls) category in Western Asia Youth Chess Championship held at Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Promoting Health care

The company has been supporting credible NGOs providing medical services to the less privileged at concessional rates. The company has in the past also extended financial assistance to the NGO through installation of medical equipment at a medical health centre.

Commitment toward Safety

At PSP Projects, we firmly believe we can only execute for our clients when our people are safe, both on the job and at home. Safety is thus a top imperative and is supported by the training, processes and systems that we continue to reinforce every day. We pursue various initiatives to improve the quality of lives of our site workers and their families and ensuring zero mishaps.

We train our labourers in extensive safety practices coupled with the mandatory on-site use of protective equipment (helmet, harness, boots and jacket). This enhances worker safety and confidence in challenging and complex projects. We also conduct events such as National Safety Week, World Environment Day, among others, which includes collaborative participation of workers in pledges, games, housekeeping, safety quiz, poster making and other activities. Our strong focus on safety has enabled us to maintain our safe operations record with no major accidents recorded during the year.